Saudi Arabia announced that there are new openings for executioner positions. Saudi Arabia’s civil service ministry, stated on their website that the government is hiring now eight new executioners to carry out the increasing number of death sentences which usually done by public beheading.

The new jobs details say that there are no special qualifications needed. They main role is executing a judgment of death ,also they might involve performing amputations for those convicted of lesser crimes. The jobs were classified as “religious functionaries” and that they would be at the lower end of the civil service pay scale.

In Saudi Arabia , Crimes like drug trafficking, rape, murder, apostasy and armed robbery are punishable by death. While amputation is punishment for crimes like theft.


Photo from: amnesty international

According to Amnesty international, Saudi Arabia is one of  the top five countries in the world who conduct  death sentences.  in 2014  It ranked number 3 after China and Iran, and ahead of Iraq and the United states. Amnesty said, there were at least 90 executions last year.

The Saudi government later denied they are hiring executioners to implement death sentences and amputation. The Ministry of Civil Service, said that this was only general information from the jobs classification which was published in the ministry’s Guide.