Egypt freed Mohamed Sultan the American-Egyptian activist after he renounced his Egyptian citizenship. giving up his Egyptian citizenship permitted the authorities to release him and he was  deported to USA.

Sultan, is the son of detained Islamist figure Salah Sultan . he  was arrested from his home in mid-2013 and  had gone on a 400 days hunger strike to protest his detention . he is facing multiple charges including “financing of an anti-government sit-in” and “spreading false news” in the case known by the media as “Rabaa Control Room” . he was sentenced to life in April.


Egyptian  President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi approved a law in 2014 that allows the government to  deport foreign defendants to their home countries for trial.
this is not the first time to apply this law , it was applied to  Al moJazeera Australian journalist Peter Griste and journalist  Mohamed Fahmy  who held dual Egyptian-Canadian nationality  after relinquished his Egyptian citizenship to be able to travel  back to Canada .